A creative label in gaming.

We are a unique business creating and designing at the intersection of content, technology, and design. We work in the digital & physical, always beginning at the cultural pulse of gaming.

Milhouse combines creativity and technology to provide a strategy aligned with our vision & 360-degree production capabilities. 

We exist... to elevate gaming culture with the vision of becoming the greatest brand in gaming. 

  • Strategy

    We help our partners earn a place in the lives of their customers

  • Production

    We deploy creative strategies via content at scale, optimised for new media, short-form and culturally driven –– like TikTok, YouTube and more

  • Digital

    We build, enhance and elevate your digital presence through social, website and digital experience to be the best online

  • Design

    We create visuals for brands embedded in gaming –– striving to stand apart and elevate your visuals and systems

Mickey O'Brien

Former Head of Marketing, Mickey is a specialist in creative concepts and new media. From YouTube to TikTok, Emails to Ads, Mickey creates ideas that spread across every platform, generating contextual creative at scale. His ideas and methodology were the concepts that launched and built many brands in esports & gaming.


Previously a Creative Director, Evan is an experienced designer, brand strategist and operator. He works cross functionally, between designing, shooting and direction. He has a high attention to detail when it comes to creative work, across digital, product design, apparel and production.