5 WEIRD Pre-Order Bonuses Gaming Publishers Gave Out

5 WEIRD Pre-Order Bonuses Gaming Publishers Gave Out

As passionate gamers, we know that pre-ordering a highly anticipated video game often comes with its own set of rewards. While exclusive in-game content and early access are common incentives, in this article, we explore the realm of obscure pre-order incentives that gamers have received, and yes, condoms are on the list, a lot.


Assassins Creed American football

  1. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - American Football:

Despite the fact there is no link whatsoever, the pre-order incentive for Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, was a mini American football, complete with the game's logo and branding. Perhaps they were trying to get american football players to endorse the game, or get gamers to touch some grass, either way this one had zero wow factor, zero thought and to be honest is just shit!


  1. Dead Island Riptide - Zombie Bait:

Dead Island Riptide, the survival horror game set on a zombie-infested tropical island, took a rather macabre approach to its pre-order bonus. Aptly named "Zombie Bait," this collector's item featured a detailed, bloodied, and dismembered female torso statue. We think this one is pretty cool, it fits the genre, will have pissed off parents and of course... it's basically a pair of boobs, you purely made the pre order as a 16 year old kid to purchase a statue of boobs, gg. 


  1. Street Fighter - Finger Puppets:

In a more lighthearted and whimsical take on pre-order incentives, the Street Fighter series surprised fans with finger puppets based on the game's iconic characters. From Ryu's signature headband to Chun-Li's trademark buns, put one of these on during a thumb war and you might as well get your nuts ready for a tea bag.


  1. Sonic Colours - A Sonic Hat:

Chat GPT, you're benched, I've got this myself.

Whoever came up with this one should have to wear this for the rest of their life, nuff said.


  1. Multiple Games - Condoms:

Talk about ballsy moves, some game publishers took the opportunity to promote safe and responsible behavior by offering pre-order bonuses in the form of branded condoms. While this approach was met with mixed reactions, like 'who's d*ck is the shape of a Triangle?', it aimed to raise awareness about sexual health among gamers and encourage responsible decision-making. Rate this one highly and looking forward to Epic Games releasing the Ghoul Trooper wrap up. *Salute action*


Pre-order incentives have evolved over the years, and played such a huge part in hyping up some game releases. Unfortunately, times are changing, we don't receive a physical copy of the game anymore, so publishers see less value in creating these items. Nowadays big creators get a lavish loot crates to open on stream to market the games, which are usually cool AF, but we all know they throw it all out, it would be awesome if the community received the chance to win one of these items as part of a pre-release incentive... 

What would be the best pre-release incentive item for you? Email me: Mickey@milhouse.gg (don't send me nudes)