Scump's Top 5 SCUF Controllers

Scump's Top 5 SCUF Controllers

Seth “SCUMP” Abner signed with SCUF as one of his first partners, many years ago when he was gifted a controller from SCUF founder, Duncan Ironmonger. Seth has used many SCUF’s throughout his career and has been one of the lucky pro players to have multiple custom designs over the years. 

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, the world's greatest Call of Duty player retired from Professional Call of Duty after 14 successful seasons. During his professional career, he amassed 30 major tournament wins, back-to-back X Games Gold medals in 2014 & 2015, a Red Bull athlete in 2015, Esports Console Player of the Year in 2016, World Champion in 2017, and World Series of Warzone Champion in 2021. He was also listed in the 2022 Forbes 30 under 30 in Gaming and became the first Esports Athlete sponsored by Oakley. Often referred to as the “King” by his fans, Scump finished his career playing for the Call of Duty League Team OpTic Texas.

This article outlines, in no particular order, some of his favourite SCUF Controllers over the years of working with SCUF. 


The daily driver SCUF

Seth’s current favourite is his custom daily controller. A bespoke SCUF build from the new SCUF Lab, Seth’s cotton candy & black build is one to envy. Hair triggers and standard thumbsticks make Seth’s daily controller slightly different from most. 



His first custom SCUF Controller

Before SCUF went crazy with their customisation, early SCUMP controllers were simple with vinyl SCUMP graphics and his signature gold colour across the triggers and buttons. 




A true SCUMP SCUF classic

An evolution of the previous design, Seth worked with SCUF to take his gold design to the next level. Incorporating elements of Seth’s logo in a Louis Vuitton-like pattern, SCUF utilised new printing techniques to take the SCUMP controller up a notch. 




The most recent SCUF release, Green Tiger

A departure from previous designs, the previous controller from Seth merged and evolved his brand. SCUMP leaned into his OPTIC & Call of Duty roots incorporating the Green from the Optic and the Tiger Camo from COD. This design instantly became a staple for Seth over the last few years. 



The King’s Crown

SCUMP’s latest controller was released on Tuesday, February 28th at 3 pm EST. This is Seth’s first design as a retired Call of Duty pro. In our opinion, one of our generation’s greatest pro esports players needs a pro controller send-off worth of a King. 


The new SCUMP design will release in the coming days, with a design storied in history which incorporates elements of Seth’s original controllers. Including some details and a special release which is sure to excite the SCUF collectors. 

Shop his new design here at

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