An update about Milhouse

An update about Milhouse

When we started Milhouse a year ago, we couldn’t have imagined what its ethos would turn the business into. Our weekend side hustle turned from an e-commerce idea into something much bigger. We are building something bigger for the gaming community. Something that is different from the existing esports teams, endemic brands and publishers.

We exist to foster the gaming culture which we are so passionate about. We exist to build brands and elevate the community around gaming. A group who don’t just care about the game, but the world of gaming.

Milhouse is a creative label in gaming. Operating on two planes - our unique business creates and designs at the intersection of content, branding and fashion. We have our in-house brand, which creates premium lifestyle products and we consult and make things for brands in gaming. We work in the digital & physical, always beginning at the cultural pulse. We exist to elevate gaming culture with the vision of becoming the greatest brand in gaming.

Milhouse joins creativity and technology to provide a strategy aligned with our creative vision & 360-degree production capabilities.

We see the gaming world where skateboarding was years ago. It was something your mom doesn’t understand… but you did it cause you loved it and the people around it. You didn’t care what other people thought and you always knew one day, everyone would understand. We want to be your Supreme, your Thrasher. Your VaynerMedia. And your Nike… we know it sounds a bit crazy but believe we can be the greatest brand in gaming.

We’ve got some big announcements in the next few weeks. Join us on the ride.

— Evan & Mickey, Milhouse Founders